Marcus Aurelius’ Morning Ritual

From the “Meditations”.

Begin each morning by saying to yourself:

Today I will deal with men who are meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, envious, and uncharitable. These attributes have come to them because they are ignorant of what is good and evil.

But I understand that good is beautiful, and that evil is ugly, and that my transgressor is related to me; not by blood or seed, but of the same mind, and the same portion of the divine. I can neither be hurt by any of them, since no-one can implicate me in ugliness; nor can I be angry at my relative, nor hate him.

We are all born to work together, just like feet, hands and eyes, just like the rows of upper and lower teeth. To oppose each other is against Nature. To be irritated by another, to turn away; these are obstructions.

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